Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Woodmansee 2012 in Review (& looking forward)

Happy New Year everyone (only a day late). I can't even claim being busy has kept me away since I'm still on vacation. I did take down the Christmas decorations yesterday. I'm still proud that we can fit all of them (except the tree of course) into two boxes. Go us.

Since 2012 has officially ended I thought I would recap all the goings-on of the Woodmansee household. 
  • The beginning of 2012 brought a Thomas family ski trip. No one broke anything so I count it as a success. The rest of 2012 we knew would bring lots of changes. We knew we'd be moving to Louisville so we started making plans. I had decided to try to pursue teaching instead of engineering as my career. This was very scary for me because it was going to me less comfort for us. Obviously it would mean less pay and I'd be going back to school...again. I flew off to Louisville to interview with the JCPS district and with the UofL. I also had to take a few math classes at the UofA. Things were starting to take shape. Lee was still working hard with the college group at FBC and finishing up his last semester at the UofA. Did I forget to mention that I had an awesome time on a cruise with my mom (oh and Lee went to Canada) for Spring Break. Woot!
  • At the beginning of the summer both Lee and my sister graduated from the UofA. After that it was a whirlwind of finding a place to live, packing and moving. An adventure to say the least. There were a few friends' weddings along the way as well. Once we got settled in Louisville I started class at UofL and Summer Institute with Teach Kentucky. I also had to find a teaching job at some point. Lee looked for a job and found one at Walgreens in the photo department. We found our new church and met some amazing people. We also celebrated our 3rd anniversary!
  • Fall brought lots of school! I started my job teaching Algebra 2 at Southern High School and Lee started seminary classes at Southern seminary (yes, it gets a little confusing around here when we just say Southern). I also took another teaching class towards my MAT at UofL and Lee continued working at Walgreens. Both of us learned a lot and had to adjust to new schedules (getting up at 5:30 for me and Lee working nights). I think both teaching and seminary were tougher than we were expecting but we know this is exactly where God wants us to be. We were able to go home for Thanksgiving and it was good to see family!
  • In this last part of 2012 Lee finished up his first semester of seminary. I successfully made it to Christmas break! I've been enjoying my vacation and spending more time with Lee. We weren't able to go home for Christmas but we had a good time with friends and our little family.
I'm not very good a resolutions but there are some things I want to do better in 2013.
  • Get back into budgeting carefully and couponing (at least a bit)
  • Take more pictures (clearly)
  • Keep up with the blog better
  • Get more organized as a teacher
  • Get back into a women's bible study
There are some fun things coming up for Lee and I. We'll be trucking along with school and work. We're hoping to make it home and to Fayetteville sometime. It looks like we'll be getting into some ministry opportunities at our church (more on that when we know more). Lots of good things for the Woodmansees. I look forward to sharing them all with you!