Friday, November 4, 2011

...And Many More

A few weeks ago Lee and I went out to PJ's White River Lodge in Norfork, AR which is a little B&B on the White River. Lee and I try to get away every 6 months or so just to hang out by ourselves and look back over the last 6 months of marriage. We didn't really get the chance to do this on our anniversary a few months ago since I was finishing up my thesis, then we went to Glorieta, then school started. Glorieta was nice but we didn't have much alone time. I bought a Groupon a while back for PJ's and we were finally able to use it a few weeks ago. It was such a nice drive, there and back. Plus we were able to eat a nice steak dinner at the attached restaurant. I'd love to go back and stay longer.
Gorgeous view on the drive home

Attempt at self-portrait

Yes, that is Lee crawling back through the fence we had to cross to take the picture. Shhh, don't tell.
So, Lee had his 27th birthday this past Wednesday. Lee's not a big birthday (or any kind of celebration) fan, but of course I had to do something for him since I love birthdays. Lee doesn't really like deserts, but he has recently discovered he likes cheesecake. I attempted to make him a cheesecake for his birthday and it actually turned out pretty well. It wasn't super pretty to look at but it tasted good. It didn't crack which I count as a success, but it did get a little brown on top. If anyone knows how to fix that let me know. I got the recipe here, and it's not my Aunt Lori's famous cheesecake, but it's still pretty good. I also got Lee a Razorback money clip since he'd been using an old binder clip for a while. His new one looks a little nicer.

Yummy cheesecake. Cherries were added later.
New money clip vs. old money clip.
 So that's what's been going on with us. What's been going on in your neck of the woods?

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