Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break Update

Things have been rolling along here in the Woodmansee household. I'm officially on Spring Break so I should have some time to do some updating.
Teaching has been pretty good although I can feel myself (and my students) getting lazy as the year goes on. We have about 8 weeks left of school and that big ole' End of Course Exam in the near future. We did start the last trimester and I'm teaching one of the Advanced Algebra 2 classes which I'm enjoying. It's a faster pace than the comprehensive classes but the students are (for the most part) great! I have had a difficult time trying to balance the teaching classes I'm taking with the two preps I now have for school. It could be worse though. Spring Break is not going to be as restful as I'd like since I have projects due soon in all 3 of my classes not to mention I'm way behind on grading and planning. I should  be able to fit in plenty of reading and sleeping though (not to mention the trip to Fayetteville at the end of the week).
Lee is doing pretty well with classes and work. Things seem to be going much better with the lighter class load although he's feeling the stresses of an online Greek class. We'll both be done with classes in about a month or so and hopefully we'll get a bit of a break before summer classes begin.
Lee and I are now working with the college ministry at our church which we're enjoying. It's great being around college students again plus we still get to hang out with some of the couples from our previous BFG. We've also started volunteering in the preschool ministry (Lee says so I can get my baby fix). We're so blessed with our church and look forward to all the opportunities to serve and grow.
I'd love to do some deeper posts this week. Hopefully I'll be able to carve out the time. To all our friends and family, we love you and miss you (but maybe we'll be seeing some of you soon)!

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