Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Pinterest Night

Last week I had a couple of girls over for a Pinterest night. The point was to try out new recipes and crafts found on the website. Of course, one doesn't have to have a Pinterest account to have such a shindig but anyone who has used it could attest to the convenience of having all those ideas in one place.

For my new recipe I tried these Mini Tacos which turned out pretty well. I had the hardest time finding wonton wrappers. We finally found some dumpling wrappers at a tiny Asian grocery store and they were with the frozen foods. Maybe that's where they are in other grocery stores too? I noticed in the comments that some people mentioned just using Tostitos Scoops and that could work too, but I would think they'd almost be a little too mini. I also made some salsa to add on top (while wishing I had some fresh produce from my parents' garden). I didn't take a picture but here's what they would look like (my wrappers looked a bit thicker I think and they were round).

Perfect for football season!!! Mini tacos:  Won ton wrappers in muffin tins. Fill with taco seasoned ground meat, cheese & bake for 8 minutes at 350.  Top with favorite taco toppings!
For my craft I made these fun frames. Mine are obviously a little different. The barnyard frames were a little too expensive for my blood, and the tip of "dissolving" steel wool in water and vinegar to act as a stain didn't seem to work for me so I just left them as they were. I also used cardboard instead of metal backing and just glued everything on with a small clothespin to be able to easily change out pictures. I think they turned out pretty well. They're not on the wall yet because the frames didn't have a way to hang them. Also the pictures are just stand-ins because we're hoping to get pictures made for our anniversary.

My Version
Have you tried any fun ideas from Pinterest lately?                                       

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  1. Let me know whay size and I can bring the metal this weekend. ~Mom