Thursday, February 24, 2011

Try Something With Me?

So, I discovered something new the other day. It's this free website called It's main function is as a search engine, but you earn swagbacks as you search (although not every time). You can also earn swagbucks by doing other things like watching videos (some of which are actually interesting), doing a daily poll, answering surveys, playing games etc. These points can be redeemed for prizes. I've got my eye on the $5 Amazon giftcard which is worth 450 swagbucks. You can even get electronics but they cost several thousand swagbucks and I'm not patient enough. I figure if I can get enough to get a few Amazon giftcards a month I can be selfish and get a book for myself or save them up to help pay off Lee's school books. From what I read online this is a legitimate website and I do plenty of web searches so I feel like it can't hurt.

I've tried some of the other ways of earning swagbucks. I never can get the surveys to work. I don't seem to ever qualify. I've played some of the videos in the background. From what I've seen, you have to play at least 10 to get a chance to win swagbucks. Each video is about 3 minutes, and I got 3SB. I tried some of the tasks and they're pretty frustrating, but I got 32SB for one. I have yet to try the games, and I plan on printing off some coupons (which I do anyway). You can follow their blog, twitter, and facebook accounts and have the possibility of finding swag codes. I found one yesterday and got 15SB. I got 28SB the first time I searched, but I got spoiled there because I seem to only be able to earn them every 3-4 hours after 4-5 searches and get about 10SB. You could probably get 30-40 a day from searches though.

Now that I've told you about my experience so far, does it sound interesting to you? One other (probably selfish) thing, if people you refer sign up then you get the same amount of swagbucks they do every time they earn it from a search up to 1000SB per referral. Meaning if I referred you, you search and earn 20SB then I earn 20SB too. So if you're interested, click on the banner below so I can be your referral. You get 30SB for signing up. We can test out this crazy thing together. If you'd rather wait until I've tried it some more (and gotten my first Amazon card in the mail) then feel free to try it later. It doesn't cost any money and it doesn't have to take extra time (especially if you download the toolbar) so is it worth it to you?

UPDATE: Apparently if you sign up between now and Monday and use the code: "BirthdayFun" you'll get an extra 25SB on top of the 30 you'd normally get for signing up!

Search & Win

Ok, no more advertising for a while. The next post will most likely be about mine and Lee's Branson getaway this weekend.

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