Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The International Trip in the US

I figured it was probably about time I wrote about our Spring Break trip we took last week.  Lee and I were super blessed to go to Louisville, KY to work with international folks.  And you're thinking, "how big of an international population is there in Kentucky."  You'd be surprised.  Here's some numbers: People from 100+ nations live in Louisville, at least 96 languages are spoken in the Jefferson County public school system, over 1000 refugees are resettled in Louisville each year, and representatives from multiple unreached people groups live in Louisville.  How crazy is all that.  I got these facts from the People Teams Initiative group which is trying to reach international people in Louisville.  While working with this group we were able to work with people from several nations.  A lot happened on this trip so it's going to take more than one blog post.
Day1: Travel...boring except for the 90 mph winds attacking our bus
Day2: We spent the morning worshiping at Sojourn Community Church.  We witnessed two people who were passionate about God's work in their lives get baptized.  We also had communion where we actually broke bread and could dip it in wine (although I chose the grape juice because I think wine is icky).  Both the baptisms and the Lord's Supper were a great reminder of what Christ has done for us.  Neither one saves you, but both are essential to be obedient and love our Savior.  That afternoon we got a small orientation and we attended worship at Antioch Church.  A different style than Sojourn, but the same passion for the gospel.  Antioch is a multi-cultural church that reaches out to the nations represented in Louisville.  Oh, and we had the Lord's Supper again!  Score.  Sunday was a great start to our week.

Each night we talked about our day and did a little devo.  Our topic for the devotionals was prayer.  Here's some ways People Teams Initiative asks us to pray for Louisville:
Pray the Holy Spirit would draw many to repentance and faith in Christ among the nations.
Pray believers would boldly share the gospel with wisdom (Ephesians 6:19-20).

And I'll leave you with a few pictures, one of which I stole off Facebook because I hardly ever take pictures
Lee pretending to think hard about something

Me and my roomie for the week, Jessy! (Thanks for the pic Lilly)

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