Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seasons of Change

Things have been a-changin' 'round here. I finished my thesis several weeks ago and got that all turned in. Immediately after that I went with our college group to Glorieta, New Mexico to the retreat center there. That was a nice relaxing time where I went to the things I wanted to and relaxed if I wanted to. I got to spend some time with the Penicks and their beautiful baby and I hear some wonderful teaching by Matt Chandler and Michael Kelly. Of course, I didn't take pictures like I said I would (because I'm not so good at doing things and taking pictures of said things) so here's what I have of the St. Francis of Assissi Cathedral Basilica.

Lee throroughly impressed me with his Latin skills. Translation: Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.
 Since Glorieta I've pretty much been working. My job is not a lot different than it was before I graduated, but I get paid a little more and I don't have to worry about a thesis. Win win. I do have to work on that whole multi-tasking thing (see excuse for not taking pictures). I'm looking forward to what this year brings.

I'm also working on finding a job for when Lee and I move next year. Well, I'm at least working on making contacts, and that's a bit of a struggle for me, so keep me in your prayers. It's a little bit of a step outside my comfort zone.

Some of the biggest changes I've seen recently have been in church activity. I'm out of the college group so I've moved up to the big kids class. Different Sunday school, I'm attending a new bible study tonight, I'm going to try to do BSF, etc. With Lee still in the college group there will be some stuff there that I still attend, like the lake day a few weeks ago ;) but for the most part I'm a real grown up. Scary. I'm really looking forward to the changes God is doing around me and in me. I pray I continue to feel this way.

What about you? Any big changes in your life?

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