Thursday, April 28, 2011


So I've been getting a lot of free stuff lately and Lee doesn't get as excited about it as I think he should.  So, I'm going to share it with you and pretend you're as excited as I am.  I've been working on saving money lately by using coupons, looking for deals, and getting free samples.  The thing I have to keep reminding myself is that it's not really a good deal if you'll never use it.  I'm working on limiting myself, but it's hard because it's fun to get things for super cheap or free.  I'm no Extreme Couponer, but I try to save money when I can.  So, here are some of the things I've gotten and how I got them.

So I've been shopping at Target and Walgreens more than normal because they have great deals and you can stack coupons.  (If anyone gets the Sunday paper and would like to donate the coupons to me I wouldn't refuse them)  I come out of there with a lot of things for free or very close.  These are some of the things that I've recently gotten for free (well, $.04 for each of the Nivea body washes).  To help me with Walgreens deals I go here, and to help me with Target deals I look here.  They do everything for you except get the coupons and go shopping.

 I also get samples in the mail for free.  The pop-up bowl popcorn was pretty delicious.  This is a neat way to try things out before you spend money on the full size product.  I'm trying not to go overboard here though because we'd have a closet full of stuff.  To see what free trial stuff I can get I look here.  She also has lots of store deals and money saving tips.

Now for the one I'm probably the most proud of because I won it as a prize!  They were having a contest on iVillage where you answered questions every week about the book Jane Eyre.  I was super disappointed I wasn't going to be able to see the movie because it was limited release so I decided to do this.  I won 1st prize!  I never win anything.  The prize included the Jane Eyre (Movie Tie-in Edition) (Vintage Classics), the Jane Eyre (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), the Pride & Prejudice DVD, the Atonement (Widescreen Edition) DVD, a Jane Eyre pencil, two notebooks, and a bookmark.  What a prize pack right!

I also won a teeny tiny mascara sample from Clinique.  Make-up is expensive so every little bit helps.  And it's space efficient, just like me.

Now I'm pretending you're clapping and cheering me for my awesome collection of hard-won freebies.  I'm trying to be a good steward of the money God has blessed Lee and I with.  Am I perfect at it?  Of course not, but I'm working on it.  What do you do to save money?  What little victories I can cheer you for.

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