Friday, April 1, 2011

We went to Kentucky and didn't eat KFC

As we continued on throughout the week we saw God working on Louisville, Ky more and more.  It was amazing to be a part of that.

Day5: Wednesday morning was a little different.  The girls went to help teach ESL while the guys went around to Arabic grocery stores purchasing food for that evening and sharing the gospel with anyone who would listen.  I know the guys had a few good conversations, but the girls had a blast.  We helped with the beginning English class and they learned things like city and state (Louisville, Kentucky and Fayetteville, Arkansas -  that one was a little difficult), the days of the week, and a few other simple things.  Then we got to each sit down with two at a time and have a conversation.  They were so excited to be learning and so excited we were there.  It was wonderful.  For lunch we had more Mediterranean food and then headed to another apartment complex to do surveys.  Lee and I came to a Nepali house first and found our next place Woodrow style.  We asked them where other Nepalis lived.  We had an interesting conversation with a man who was at first not interested in what we had to say.  He didn't like it when churches came in, tried to bring Nepalese people to their church and change who they were.  Make them forget their culture.  This was exactly what Woodrow had talked about.  People wanted to make them white, American Christians and have them forget about where they came from.  We really got a glimpse into how we may have looked to others.  We told the man we weren't interested in changing the Nepali people but using their culture to worship Jesus.  He was thankful for that and hopefully we've changed his mind a little about Christians so he can later open his heart to the gospel.  On the way back we stopped by the Colonel's grave.  That's right.  We went to the grave of Colonel Harland Sanders.  We payed our respects to the King of Fried Chicken and then went to dinner at one of the missionary's house.  We spent time with a few Iraqis and ate some authentic Iraqi food.  We also had good conversations with the people we had been working with all week.  It was a good time to reflect and look forward to how we would use our experiences to change our community back home.

Helping out in ESL class
Lee and the Colonel
Day6: It was seminary tour day so we observed a class (Systematic Theology woot woot!), took a tour, had lunch with some of the faculty and attended chapel.  It's a very nice campus and it seems to be a great school.  Something that was said at least a few times is that at Southern, not only will they be using the same good books other seminaries use, but the professors at Southern are the ones who wrote them.  That afternoon we went to the Louisville Slugger Museum.  They were actually making bats for opening day while we took the tour.  Lots of interesting stuff and we each got our own mini bat at the end.

Yup, we're in Albert Mohler's office
Holding a game used bat.  I can't remember whose it was though.

Day7: We traveled home, and it was pretty uneventful except for the random snow we encountered along the way.  We made it safely back home.

Even though our trip ended, we must continue to pray for the people of Louisville, KY and people everywhere:
Pray for all languages and all peoples to one day worship the name of Jesus (Revelation 7:9)

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