Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mmmm, Breakfast Burritos

So, my attempt at trying a new recipe to eat for leftovers did not go so well last night. So, I won't even be discussing that. I did make some breakfast burritos to put in the freezer (after eating one to test of course). These are a favorite of my family (they're our traditional Christmas morning breakfast) and I've been wanting to freeze some for a while to pop in the microwave during busy mornings. We saute potatoes and add scrambled eggs, bacon, usually cheese and of course salsa. So delicious. To freeze, wrap a paper towel around it then wrap it in aluminum foil and put them in a freezer bag. Take one out in the morning, remove the foil and microwave while wrapped in the paper towel for a few minutes. Super easy and so yummy.

I'm hopefully going to get to do some more de-cluttering this weekend. I think the closet in the spare bedroom is next which is a little scary. We have so much junk stuff in there. On the job front, the UofL should have all of my application stuff now (they couldn't find my GRE scores because they were in my maiden name) so now I just get to wait. God has been teaching me a lot about waiting and not being in control (even though I've tried very hard to be). I want to know exactly how things will work out, but I can't. I have to trust that things will work out one way or another and know that God is sovereign and in control. What a mighty God we serve and he can handle all my junk.

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