Thursday, May 12, 2011

Daily Deals

So we finally got our canvas wedding picture. I know, it's been almost two years.  Better late than never right?  So doesn't this wonderful picture taken by the Beaty's look fantastic over our mantel?  Much better than a tomahawk I think.

One reason we put off getting the canvas for so long is because they can be expensive.  One day, I found a deal on the site Groupon that was for 65% off the purchase of a canvas.  Well, I snapped up that deal pretty quick.  Since then I've bought a few things from Groupon because they were such great deals.
There's a plethora of daily deal sites out there.  A daily deal site is a website where you pay some percentage of the retail price on a good or service.  These deals usually change daily and sometimes there's multiple in a day.  Some of these sites broad and for many locations, some are for specific types of items and some are for specific places.  Groupon is one of the broad and for many locations sites, but there are others like Living Social as well.  Don't be afraid to look at cities near yours if yours is not listed.  They don't have Fayetteville for either Living Social or Groupon, but they have Little Rock and sometimes Fayetteville (or my hometown of Benton) are on there.  Plus a lot of times there are internet deals  like the canvas or Redbox that you can use wherever you are.  
Heartsy is a site just for handmade items (I talked about it here) and Homesav is mostly furniture and decor.  These are internet deals so good no matter where you are.  Heartsy has some very cute stuff and I'm waiting to spend my $5 credit on something awesome.
There are also those sites that deal with a specific location.  NWA DealPiggy is that site for Northwest Arkansas.  They do a lot of restaurants and local shops which is great for the local economy.  Lee and I got $5 off a very yummy breakfast from the Rolling Pin Cafe from this.
Take a look at the daily deal sites for your area and online.  These can make for some wonderful deals for yourself or gifts to friends.  Saving money is always a good thing.

Just a note, some of these links are referral links. That usually means I'll get a few dollars credit if you sign up for the first time and purchase something.


  1. Oh wow the canvas looks fantastic! (Especially at 65% off) I can't wait to see it in person!

  2. I'm excited about you coming up this weekend!