Monday, May 2, 2011

Manic Monday: Do You Smell Like A Monster

Before we get to our video, an update on a few things.  I just finished my Beth Moore study on David: David: 90 Days with A Heart Like His (Personal Reflections Series).  I'm probably going to be writing more on this later.  I'm going through a very short devo for the next couple of weeks and then I'm looking to try out one of Kay Arthur's inductive studies: Walking in Power, Love, and Discipline: 1 And 2 Timothy and Titus (The New Inductive Study Series).  If any girls are interested in doing this with me and meeting once a week I'd love to do a group study.  I think it's 13 weeks or so which would take us through the summer.  Please let me know.  You can get a used copy on Amazon for $4 shipped.

And now our Manic Monday video.  This is for all you who, like me, enjoy those hilarious Old Spice commercials.  Have a great Monday and take some time to relax!

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